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Success depends on understanding your environment, your business needs and the needs of your customer. We can assist you by developing the appropriate technical strategy and offering follow up technical support to meet all expectations. Our knowledge has accumulated from many years of working with grain quality management and food safety systems in the grain and agriculture industries. More importantly, this knowledge could minimise your costs while meeting the requirements of your customers.

Our Capability

Services We Offer:

How to understand and meet your customer quality requirements.
Domestic and international policy issues.
Food safety and quarantine requirements in the domestic and international markets.
Agricultural chemical regulations.
Quality Assurance and Identity Preservation systems.
Strategies to minimise the risk of rejection of grain.
Training on grain quality, food safety and industry Standards.
Networking and communication packages.
Verification of grain quality.
Auditing quality systems.
Understanding changing market requirements.
Research programs.
Familiarisation tours.

The Principal of the Business:

Completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Melbourne University.
Was employed by a major grain marketing company in Australia for 20 years.
Has several years in field operations dealing with the receival, storage and outturn of grain.
Has experience in the management of Quality Assurance and Food Safety programs and the development and application of Receival Standards.
Has practical knowledge of the creation of research programs that can be used to enhance the efficiency of the grain supply chain.
Has and continues to represent the grains industry at national and international policy forums on a range of issues dealing with agricultural chemicals, food safety programs, quality assurance and identity preservation programs, genetically modified organisms, market access and quarantine requirements of markets.
Has participated on a number of industry committees and is chair of several.
Is located in Melbourne but with a regional, national and international focus according to individual client needs.

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